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Hoeven 10, 6034 RB, Nederweert-Eind

Dining Room

THE DINING ROOM can  be reached in the hall through the door with this icon above it



How does the dining room game work?

Sparky can eat and drink a number of things in the dining room game. However, not everything is eatable or drinkable. There are all sorts of things that are not good for Sparky, but be quick because the train is continually passing by. The train passes by with all kinds of products. Sparky eats the product by tapping at the right time. Only tab when you think Sparky will like it. At the end of every train there is a product that requires the spirometer. This can be food that is hot and therefore the player needs to blown or drinks that should be drunk in one go by inhaling. When the orange or blue bar is past the line, enough has been blown or inhaled.

When is the dining room game completed?

The game is finished when Sparky has eaten or drunk enough. You can see this in the food and drink bars that fill up.