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Game Explanation


Sparky is a game for toddlers (starting 3 years and older). The game has been developed to help young children learn to blow a lung function test. On this page we explain what can be done in the game and how the game works as much as possible. Because the Sparky game consists of many small games (mini-games), below we will discuss these separately. This document can be used as guidance for parents or professionals in guiding a starting player.

Sparky CARE Game

Sparky is a stuffed animal that you as a player take care of. You can play with it, wash it and feed it. Sparky does get tired and therefore has to sleep regularly.

How do the status bars work?

The bars at the top of the hall show how your Sparky is doing.

Each bar represents a feeling or status of Sparky.

These are:

  hungry / not hungry

play / not play

thirsty / not thirsty

dirty / clean

tired / not tired

The player must fill the bars as much as possible at the end of a day in the Sparky world (one play session). You do this by playing a number of mini-games that are available in the hall through different doors.

How does a game session work?

A game session is a cycle of 4 mini-games that is done in one day. There is a regulated number of games (4) that can be played. When a game is finished, the door closes and can no longer be played for that day. A play session is completed when all mini games have been played and Sparky has gone to sleep. When Sparky is sleeping in his bedroom, the game is locked for a certain time. This ‘cooldown’ time is adjustable for parents or professionals

How does the player progress?

The Sparky character will increasingly become experienced after every game session and gets a higher level when you fill one of the bars. The aim of the game is to progress Sparky to the highest possible level. During this progress, the player unlocks all sorts of extras such as wearable’s like outfits, hats and special Sparky colors. When the player is no longer able to progress to a higher level, the maximum is reached. This means that the player is playing to his or her maximum. 


Below you will find the explanation of the individual mini-games. Click on one of the room icons to go to its explanation.