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Revalair is the new solution for early supervised pulmonary rehabilitation following a COPD exacerbation

A serious gaming is a great alternative to regular physical rehabilitation treatment, due to a flexible, stepped-care approach in delivering PR after AECOPD, which should be tailored according to the needs and preferences of the individual. While the game provides feedback on the score, performance and personalized progress for motivation. In this game the spirometer works as a game controller. 

The game RevalAir has been developed by LungGames, In this game, a space creature moves with one constant speed across different levels. The aim of the game is to collect as many orbs as possible and pass the level and thereby do the desired exercises.  The game is developed together with patients and rehabilitation physicians so the application fits the system of personalized group therapy for the age group of 40+.

This is just a small selection of unique selling points why Revalair is a game changer!

With Revalair you play instead of doing a boring training exercise in a hospital environment. Research has shown That recovering of COPD patients after a exacerbation have a hard time recovering most never getting the same lung function back as before the exacerbation.
Revalair makes it fun and more easy through gamification to do the manditory training exercises.

As the target audience is not always very game-minded we simplified the design so that also non-gamers can play the games without problems.

Revalair invites the patient to do exercises that are hard and not fun to do. Because Revalair is engaging they train longer, harder and more efficient without noticing and therefore shortening recovery time and sustaining a better lung function after an exacerbation.

The Revalair game will be available to be played in the clinic and from the comfort of home. Doing the exercises  provide a vast insight in the treatment of a COPD patient. With trend information on LFT, peakflow , FVC, FFV1 FFV0,5 and other schematics and charts it will open doors for caregivers  to give insight in the treatment and recovery of patients.

Revalair has been developed together with the COPD clinic in Sint Fransicus hospital Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and is being tested in a clinical environment.


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