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Hoeven 10, 6034 RB, Nederweert-Eind



The kitchen can be reached in the hall through the door with this icon above it


How does the kitchen game work?

The kitchen game consists of 4 consecutive mini games.

1 Make your own pizza game

in the kitchen the player can put together his or her own pizza. Choose the ingredients that you like and drag them onto the pizza. When the pizza is ready, drag the pizza downwards. The oven opens up and the pizza can be placed on the tray. When the oven light turns on, the next game starts.

2 Create your own shake game:

The player can create his or her own shake. Choose the ingredients that you like and drag them into the blender. When the shake is ready, press the lid or the button on the blender. The lid closes and the blender turns on. When the blender is finished, the next game starts.

3 Drink your homemade shake.

Sparky got thirsty from all that cooking and wants to try the homemade shake now. Use the spirometer and suck up (inhale) the drink (like using a straw) the player does this by breathing-in continuously through the spirometer. When the blue bar has past the line or the glass is completely empty you have completed the game. The player get three chances and 30 seconds to complete this game successfully.

4 Eat your homemade pizza.

Sparky has gotten hungry from all that drinking and now wants to enjoy his homemade pizza. When the game starts the bell rings and the oven opens. This means that the pizza is ready. Drag the pizza to the kitchen counter so it is directly in front of Sparky. A lot of heat vapor comes of the pizza. The pizza is still too hot to eat. Now blow continuously into the spirometer. When the orange bar passes the line or the heat vapor has completely disappeared, Sparky will eat the pizza and the game is completed. The player gets three chances.