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Hoeven 10, 6034 RB, Nederweert-Eind


THE Inventory can be reached in the hall through this interface button in the bottom right part of the screen.

How does the INVENTORY work?

How do I find and collect items?

Items can be collected by successfully completing parts of the game.

  • Win an item when blowing extra hard during the final garden game: By blowing harder than the indicated line in the bar, the water stream gets higher causing the treasure to fall off the plateau.
  • Win an item by completing all the games and collecting enough stars to fill the bar when counting stars in the bedroom.

How do I let Sparky wear an item?

There are many items to be earned such as packages, walking sticks etc.

Press the “CLOTHING” button to go to the clothing menu. You can carry items by going to the relevant won item icon in the inventory and pressing on it. You can see Sparky instantly wearing that item.

If you want Sparky to take the piece of clothing of, press the icon again.

How do I change Sparky's Color

You can earn a lot of spray cans.

Press the “COLORS” button to go to the spray can menu.

In the spray can menu you can find all the spray cans that you have won. With these spray cans you can spray Sparky in different colors. Go in the spray can menu to the relevant spray can item and press it. You can see Sparky being sprayed in that color.

There is an unlimited amount of uses on each spray can.