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Hoeven 10, 6034 RB, Nederweert-Eind


THE garden can be reached in the hall through the door with this icon above it


How does the garden game work?

How does the garden game work?

Sparky comes to the rescue as a fireman in this game. The garden is on fire! When the message ”ready … go!”, use the spirometer to first suck the water out of the swimming pool in one go and then pour it out onto the burning doghouse, play area or tree house by blowing hard and long. If you do this hard and long enough, you extinguish the fire and you can continue to the next level. Every level it will be a bit harder. You have absorbed enough water when the blue bar is over the line. The player has exhaled enough when the red and orange bars are past the line. The red bar represents the hardness (flow) and the orange bar indicates the quantity (volume). When you complete the last tree house level and did this well, you will earn an extra bonus!

When is the garden came completed?

When you have extinguished the treehouse in the last level, the game is finished. You can earn an extra bonus when you blow extra hard and reach the top of the tree house with the water spray!